Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Discussing the Weather #3

When discussing the weather certain subjects may not be addressed while describing the current state.

Piove = It Is Raining                                          <------------------- is correct
La Tempra e' Piove = The weather is rainy         <------------------------ is incorrect and may never be used

The idea is that no one can say "the weather is _______" but they must simply say "it's _________"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Essere (to be) Chart #2

io            Sono       =  i Am
tu            Sei          =  you Are
lui/lei/Lei  รจ             =  he/she/it Is
noi           Siamo     = we Are
voi           Siete      =  you all Are
loro         Sono       =  they Are

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hail and Farewell #1

Ciao - The informal word meaning hello or good bye depending on the situation. It is equivalent to saying hey or bye-bye.

Salve - The formal version of Ciao.

Pronto - Used as a greeting over phones.

Arrivederci - Means Goodbye. "a domani arrivederci" means see you tomorrow.

Buon Giorno - Literally means Good Day, but is used to mean both Good Morning and Good Day.

Buon Pomeriggio - Means Good Afternoon.

Buona Sera - Means Good Evening.

Buona Nocte - Means Good Night.

Come Stai - Informal and common way to say How Are You.

Come Sta - Formal and less common way to say How Are You.

Piacere - Common greeting meaning Pleased To Meet You, and Piacere may be used in reply meaning Pleased To Meet You As Well.

Benvenuto - Means Welcome, and is used often if the situation permits.


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